Stevia Liquid Sweetener

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Stevia Liquid Sweetener – 10ml bottle (the equivalent of 3kg of sugar)

Stevia is a sugar substitute derived from the stevia plant’s leaves. It’s 100 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar, but it’s free of carbohydrates, calories, and artificial ingredients.

Stevia sweeteners have no calories and are an excellent choice for those attempting to lose weight. They generally do not raise blood sugar levels, making them a good sugar substitute for diabetics and have many more health benefits.

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Made fresh with organic ingredients.

No added preservatives

Highly Recommended for Weight Loss & Diabetes

1 drop = 1 tbsp of sugar sweetness in your morning tea!

100% Natural  & Help Lower Blood Sugar, Hypoglycemia

What is “Stevia”?

Stevia, (Stevia rebaudiana), also called a sweet leaf, a flowering plant in the aster family (Asteraceae), grown for its sweet-tasting leaves. The plant is native to Paraguay, where it has a long history of use by the Guaraní people. The leaves contain a number of sweet-tasting chemicals known as steviol glycosides, which can be used fresh or dried to sweeten beverages or desserts or can be commercially processed into powdered noncaloric sweeteners. Steviol glycosides, particularly the chemicals stevioside and rebaudioside A, can be more than 300 times sweeter than table sugar and are nonglycemic (i.e., they do not affect blood glucose levels). Touted as a healthier alternative to sugar, stevia sweeteners grew in popularity worldwide in the early 21st century.

Bottle Content

  • 200 Drops
  • 10ML Concentrate bottle
  • One drop equal to 3tsp
  • Suitable for diabetes & hypoglycemia
  • Help Lower blood sugar
  • Help Weight loss
  • Ease urination
  • Increase energy in the body
  • Helps in the digestive system
  • Helps those who insomnia problem
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure
  • Help to reduce the uric acid level
  • 200 times sweeter than regular table sugar
  • pH8 Alkaline-based sweetener

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