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Go-Keto Glucose Ketone Meter Kickstart Pack  (incl 10 ketone test strips)
The Go-Keto® glucose and ketone meter is admired for its accuracy. Everything you need for measuring your glucose and ketone levels with the #1 Ketone test in Europe. Used daily by thousands of ketonians, and health professionals. 

A compact and fast 2-in-1 device to measure your glucose and ketones anywhere! With this battery operated meter you can easily monitor your glucose and ketone levels at home or when travelling.

The Go-Keto meter accurately measures glucose and ketones with 2 different strips. This all in a matter of seconds from a very small drop of blood. 

✅ Highly accurate blood glucose and ketone monitoring 
✅ Largest βketones measurement range on the market (0.0 mmol/L ~ 8.0 mmol/L )
✅ #1 Ketone test in Europe to track progress into nutritional ketosis!
✅ Recommended by leading ketogenic doctors, scientists, coaches
✅ Detects low ketone levels at an early stage
✅ Easy to use, suitable for both professional and home use. 

The Go-Keto Kickstart Set includes everything for your first 10 Ketone measurements:

Everything you need for measuring your ketone levels with the #1 Ketone test in Europe. Recommended by leading ketogenic doctors, scientists and coaches. 

✅ Go-Keto blood glucose and ketone meter
✅ 1 lancing pen
✅ 10 lancets
✅ 10 ketone test strips
✅ 1 ketone control solution
✅ 2 batteries (CR 2032 3,0V)
✅ 1 carrying case
✅ user manual 

Glucose test strips are not included


Largest measurement range on the market 

  • Glucose: 0.6 – 33 3 mmol/L (10 – 600mg/dL) 
  • β-ketone: 0.0 – 8.0 mmol/L 

A small blood droplet is enough to test:  

  • Glucose: 0.8 μL 
  • β--ketone: 1.2 μL 

Fast testing time: 

  • Glucose:< 5 seconds 
  • β--ketone: <10 seconds 

The highly accurate Go-Keto meter offers advanced performance: 

  • Fast and easy Ketone or Glucose measuring with 2 different strips 
  • Clinical proven accuracy  
  • Automatic calibration with code chip  
  • Strip ejector for easy and safe disposal 
  • Meal-markers help monitor results before and after meals 
  • 5 customizable test reminders  
  • 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 day averaging to quickly identify blood glucose trends 
  • Hypo, hyper and ketone warnings 
  • Stores up to 450 blood glucose and β-Ketone records with time and date 
  • Long battery life – up to 3,000 tests 
  • Wide operating temp. range of 5 – 45ºC allows testing in almost any environment 
  • Operating Relative Humidity 10 – 90% 
  • Meter Size 90.3 mm x 58.0 mm x 19.4 mm 
  • Display Size 40.2 mm x 36.0 mm 
  • Weight 64 g (with battery installed) 
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 17 cm


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