About SWLG

Hi, I am Amila Lakmal, a Few years ago just like you guys, I was in distress with obesity and prediabetes, During that period I suffered very much due to my obese body and depression took me over,

I've tried whole my life various unsuccessful methods to get rid of obesity, but I couldn't and ended up being a big failure just like you if you're here for the same reason?

Then after a dedicated studying and learning about the obesity, essential metabolic functions of the body, as well as health and fitness incorporation along with food nutrition, And today I've become an internationally certified keto dietary advisor, also weight loss and health coach,

further, I'm enthusiastic about becoming a cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner, stress management coach, motivation coach & mindfulness practitioner soon.

You can have a look at my before and after pictures and decide for yourself how successful are my weight loss methods and the results make me a more active, more successful & healthy person day by day when I stand in the mirror each morning.

Also, I am very proud to say that, and I am the very first 42Kg reduced Sri-Lankan weight loss Youtuber, SWLG Founder who introduce this successful weight loss method to the Sri Lankan community,

And the first person to make Sinhala weight loss educational youtube videos along with the free weight loss facebook community support and maintaining five live weight loss telegram chat support groups helping over 17,500 live chat members.

To all those Sri-Lankans people to benefit who are suffering from obesity in their day to day lives, & currently, 200,000 people are supporting me, my weight loss methods and more than 10,000 people all around the world have achieved their weight loss goals so far.

So that's how SWLG - Sinhala Weight Loss Guru, a home for Sri-Lankans all around the world to be educated and help to get rid of the obesity in their mother tongue, was founded block by block with the support of all Sri-Lankan people around the world.

And now SWLG offers customized, paid weight loss diet plans to our customers,

and we're accompanied by health professionals, expert nutritional doctors in Sri-lanka to give our customers a successful, health aligned, hassle-free, flourishing weight loss experience.

Sinhala Weight Loss Guru Founder Story.

We possess the largest weight loss transformation collection in Sri-Lanka